So...we're 0-7 against Boston this year, and they just took first place from us in a game we could have won. But, can we look at a couple positives....

Tex went 4-5 today. Boston was dying to have him this off-season and we swooped in to sign him, so seeing him beat up on them is great.

A-Rod had a great at-bat in the ninth as he worked the walk. He didn't try to do anything fancy, only swung at one bad pitch (the first of the at-bat) and looked cool and reserved at the plate.

Girardi showed some good managerial work, pinch-running with Pena, and stealing second with Robby at the plate (preventing a possible double play).

Unfortunately though, we didn't get a W, they took first, and Wang and Hughes were both mediocre. Two nights in a row our starting pitching couldn't get through the 3rd inning. But hey, tomorrow's a new day. And we have the Jolly Giant on the mound, the nicest guy in baseball, the fewest earned runs per pound in the history of the game, Carsten Charles Sabathia, facing a fat guy who isn't particularly jolly nor particularly talented, Brad Penny. To me, CC's the modern version of what David Cone used to be for us, and I like that. Hopefully we'll see a quality outing from him tomorrow. It would be nice to see him go 7 or 8 strong after the abysmal outings by our starting pitchers the past two nights.

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