Bad idea...or the worst idea.

Finally the Yanks have a clubhouse of guys I like to root for. Good natured guys. Talented athletes. Grinders. Good Sportsmen. Then I see this bit of news... The Yanks are going to watch Pedro Martinez work out. Now granted the Rays, Cubs, and Angels will all watch him too, and the Yanks most likely won't make a play for him, but still I don't like this. Pedro and Jorge Posada hate eachother. I mean they loathe one another. Pedro trash talks from the dugout (least he did while in Boston) and he isn't currentyl talented enough to be brought in. I'd rather have Wang or Hughsie in the rotation any day. Don't think too much of this as it most likely won't amount to anything, but if somehow he becomes a Yankee expect a rant on the site.

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