MLB Record

The Yankees set a major league record yesterday, going 18 games without an error. The record was held by the 2006 Red Sox until the Yankees broke the tie last night. 18 errorless games is quite a feat, and obviously, shows the great improvement of our defense. Having Gardner/Melky in CF, Damon in LF, Swish in RF, and Mark Teixeira at first mark huge upgrades on the defensive side of the ball. Mark Teixeira has to get a lot of credit for this streak, as he is one of the best defensive 1B in the game, and a massive upgrade over Giambi. Derek Jeter also must be smiling after this great accomplishment. A lot has been said about his rapidly diminishing defensive capabilities, but he has obviously been playing well defensively. Via PeteAbe, Jeter said "It's quite an accomplishment. It's something that a lot of people deserve credit for." Interestingly enough, before this streak, the Yankees had only had 3 10 +game errorless streaks, in 1977, 1993, and 1995.