Fantasy Update

Just thought I'd update you all on the Battle of Baby Joba fantasy league which Conor and I started and are competing in against various other Yankee bloggers and fans.Our league is head to head and w count OBP, SLG, HR, XBH, SB and IP, ERA, WHIP, K, SVHD (saves plus holds). Conor is in first place with an 8-0-0 record. I'm in second with a record of 6-1-1. Here are our rosters....

Kevin-CONY Connection

C Victor Martinez
1B Miguel Cabrera
2B Freddy Sanchez
3B Russell Branyan
SS Ben Zobrist
LF Raul Ibanez
CF Aaron Rowand
RF Justin Upton
DH Jason Giambi
Util Chipper Jones
Bench- Matt Joyce

SP Jered Weaver
SP Zach Duke
SP Chris Carpenter
SP Randy Wolf
SP Chris Sampson
RP Scott Downs
RP Arthur Rhodes
RP Kyle McClellan
RP Ryan Madson
RP Jeremy Affeldt
Bench Erik Bedard
Bench Jarrod Washburn
Bench Ubaldo Jimenez
Bench John Maine
DL Travis Hafner
DL Jesse Litsch

Conor's team-Team Cashel
C-Matt Wieters
1B-Adrian Gonzalez
2B-Chase Utley
3B-Casey Blake
SS-Derek Jeter
LF- Ryan Braun
CF-Matt Kemp
RF- Adam Dunn
DH-Jack Cust
Util-Jason Bay
Bench- Aubrey Huff
Bench-Ryan Theriot
Bench-Randy Winn
SP-Roy Halladay
SP- Zach Greinke
SP- Justin Verlander
SP- James Shields
SP- Cole Hamels
RP-Jonathan Broxton
RP-Heath Bell
RP- Kevin Gregg
RP- Matt Capps
RP- JJ Putz
Bench- Yovani Gallardo
Bench- Kevin Millwood
DL-Aramis Ramirez
DL- Grady Sizemore

Trash talk, comment, predict, etc. int the comments. Here's the league page if you want to look at other teams or whatnot.

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