Daddy Says No No Pedro

According to George King the Yanks won't sign Pedro Martinez. Thank God. Apparently we only watched him pitch out of "courtesy" to Mariano Rivera's agent Fern Cuza.

Pedro wants $3mm, a salary he most certainly does not deserve. According to King, Pedro's fastball is only in the 86-90 range, a huge decrease from his days as a flamethrower back in Boston. In '08 Pedro only made 20 starts and with a 5.61 ERA, and a 1.57 WHIP while opposing hitter walked all over him (.294 average) he was anything but impressive. Pedro's agent claims he is two weeks away from being big league ready, but big league ready Pedro won't be as effective an effective Chien-Ming Wang or Phil Hughes. Not nowadays.

For those of you that miss seeing Pedro's ugly mug, don't worry. He's pondering the idea of becoming a swimsuit model...

Note: Sports Ill, if Pedro is EVER in a swimsuit issue I will cancel my subscription immediately.

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