You have to be kidding me

AJ Burnett goes out there, pitches 6 and a third innings, allowing 2 runs, only one of which was earned, while he strikes out 8. Phil Coke gives us two straight outs and Phil Hughes pitches a perfect ninth. Sounds nice and dandy no? No. The Yankees' offense could only manage to score one run. We managed only 5 hits, one from Burnett himself. I know we were up against Josh Johnson, who is a phenomenal pitcher, but one run and five hits is unacceptable. Look at the top of the ninth inning to see why we lost.

Florida brings in closer Matt Lindstrom, the proud owner of a 5.37 ERA and Mark Teixeira singles to right. Good start. Then Jorge Posada comes up to the plate. Jorge takes a strike, swings and misses, and then pops up to Hanley Ramirez. On an 0-2 count you have to swing and he was just under it. Then Robby Cano comes up to the plate. I know Robby has been hot ever since I wrote that we should trade him. He's 11/23 with 2 homers, 6 ribbies, 5 runs scored, and only one strikeout since I posted that article. However, he also has grounded into 2 game ending double plays off of bad pitchers (MacDougal and Lindstrom). Tonight it was typical Robby Cano, swing at the first pitch no matter where it is. Lindstrom delivers a 98 mph fastball on the inside edge of the plate and Cano hits it in the dirt at second base. In a situation like that you have to get the ball out of the infield Robby, and most importantly you have to not hit it right at the second baseman. Very dissapointed with the offense and Cano tonight. You need to give AJ the win he deserves there.

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