Chien Ming Wang's first son was born today. J. J. Wang was born at 9:30 am today, 7 pounds 12 ounces. I was kind of hoping he'd be a pound 4 ounces less. Chien Ming starts tomorrow in a start that could determine his future in pinstripes. He has to be glad that its against the Nationals rather than anyone else. You might recall that in spring training Brett Gardner hit a home run while his son was at his first game; maybe Wang's newborn son will give him similar luck.

The Times is reporting that Sammy Sosa tested positive in that 2003 PED test, the same one that A-Rod tested positive in. That's 2 names out of 104. Expect the names to keep on leaking to the press over the next year or two.

The Hanshin Tigers may sign Hideki Matsui and bring him back to Japan after this year if we don't resign him. Matsui has been successful in his tenure in the Bronx, but with Melky, Gardner, and Swisher under contract for next year, Austin Jackson and Shelley Duncan on the farm, Matt Holliday and Jason Bay on the free agent market, and Matsui's inability to play the field, it seems like Hideki is destined to leave the Bronx after this year. I'd love to see him return to Japan as it's tough to root against Hideki, which we would have to do if he signed elsewhere.

Slade Heathcott took BP at the stadium, wore a Yankees uni, and set up shop at a locker next to Mariano Rivera. Let's hope our first round pick has been convinced to sign.

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