Don't Fret

Ok. I realize the fact that the Yankees have not won a single game against the Red Sox this year... in 8 trys... but to be honest, I'm not too worried about it. You shouldn't be either, and here's why.

The Yankees, despite being 0-8 against the Sox, are only 2 games out of the AL East. This means that the Yankees are 6 games better than the Red Sox against the rest of the league, which certainly bodes well for us, considering the whole season isn't against the Red Sox. Let's take a look at the record of the two teams, not including today. The Yankees are 35-26, while the Red Sox are 37-24. Now, if you forget about the Yankees vs. Sox games, the Yankees' record is 35-18, while the Red Sox's record would be 29- 27. This shows that we are, indeed, playing better baseball against the rest of the AL than the Sox are.

So, don't worry too much! The Yankees will undoubtedly turn it around against the hated Red Sox. If we keep playing good baseball, we will be absolutely fine.

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