Jump for Joy

Jose Veras, who I've been pleading for the Yanks to rid themselves of, was designated for assignment today as Brian Bruney came off the DL. Finally! Veras was horrible all year long. His 5.96 ERA, 1.44 WHIP, and 5 BB/9 were all horrendous. Zack Kroenke, Mark Melancon, Edwar Ramirez, Anthony Claggett, or almost anyone from Scranton,. maybe even some folks from Trenton, could hav epitched better. Luckily returning is Brian Bruney, and while he may make some unprovoked unneccesary remarks about Francisco Rodriguez, he is fine pitcher in his own right. Alf Aceves, Bruney, and Mariano should make a reliable 7-8-9 team if Bruney can keep himself off the DL for the rest of the year. With his designation Veras will be put on irrevocable waivers, and if he passes through he can refuse to be sent to the minors, he can be released, or he can be traded. I don't think he'll pass through waivers. He is young enough and cheap enough that someone will take him at his current salary($432,975).

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