Couple of Links...

Jorge Arangue says that the Yanks most likely won't sign Miguel Angel Sano, but also says the Yanks will certainly make a big splash during the international signing period.

Hideki Matsui didn't want to discuss interest from the Hanshin Tigers, but appreciated their interest because he grew up rooting for them. He also said he'd like to finish his career in the MLB.

The Yanks aren't planning any big deadline deals.

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This is just an idea. Not one I necessarily love or hate, but should the Yanks think about signing Ben Sheets? I know Wang needs to pitch major league innings, and Hughes is a servicable replacement, but with Pettitte having a rough year, and Wang and Hughsie not exactly reliable would Sheets be $10mm (my guess on his cost) well spent? Thoughts in the comments.


Zach Sanders said...

Wow. One name I would not associate with the Yanks is Sheets, but it makes a bit of sense.

I would think they would only grab him if they can't get a setup man at the deadline, so they could keep Hughes in the pen for the rest of the year.

Kevin S. said...

Zach, I wouldn't think he'd be a main target either but if we were looking at Pedro Martinez then we should look at Sheets. I'd take Sheets over Pedro any day of the week. I'd prefer to just see Wang straighten things out and take a rotation spot, but I'm worried about Andy Pettitte. Opponents are hitting .293 against him. And his WHIP is 1.58. And his ERA is 4.52. Since the beginning of May Andy has only pitched more than 6 innings twice in 9 starts. His May ERA? 4.95. And through 3 starts in June? 6.19. And in those 2 months he has walked 27 while only striking out 34 in the 52.1 innings he's thrown over 9 starts. If Andy can't get it together Sheets might be an interesting option.