Are we going to do anything at the deadline?

The Trade Deadline is slowly approaching and trade speculation is everywhere, except for the Bronx. The Yanks have made some big deadline trades in recent years...

08- Nady and Marte for Ross Ohlendorf, Jeff Karstens, Dan McCutchen, JoseTabata
07-Molina for Jeff Kenard. Betemit for Scott Proctor.
06-Craig Wilson for Shawn Chacon. Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle for CJ Henry, Matt Smith, and Jesus Sanchez. Sal Fasano for Hector Made. Nick Green for Cash.
05-Shawn Chacon for Ramon Ramirez and Eduardo Sierra. Al Leiter for a Player to be Named Later. Darrell May, Tim Redding, and Cash for Paul Quantrill.

This year though, we seem set in the rotation with Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Joba, Wang, and Hughes. We are set at catcher, first, second, third, and short with Jorge, Tex, Robby, A-Rod, and Jeet. We seem set in the outfield with Damon, Melky, and Swish, plus Gardner on the bench and Shelley Duncan, Todd Linden, and John Rodriguez down on the farm. We're fine with Hideki at DH. The bench looks okay with Ramiro Pena, Frnaky Cervelli, and Gardner, and soon we'll have X-man back and hopefully we'll also send down Berroa for one of the outfielders previously mentioned. Then we get to the 'pen which has been a hot topic in recent weeks. We have Mo, Coke, and Aceves performing well at the major league level. We've got David Robertson as well who I like to have in the 'pen. Then we've got Brett Tomko and Jose Veras who are the least useful relievers in baseball right now, but we have fine internal options with Mark Melancon and Zach Kroenke in Scranton. So if we need to solve a problem in the bullpen we're more likely to do so internally than with a trade. The Yanks have no big holes in the roster right now, so a big trade does not seem very likely, unless there were to be a big time injury in the next two months. So don't count on any big moves at the deadline from the Bronx, although we could see our rivals in Tampa, Boston, and Toronto attempting to add some impact players for a run at the playoffs.

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