Burnett --Mussina Comparison

So, we know that I have constantly compared Burnett to Carl Pavano. But, my own personal bias aside, I thought it would be fun to compare Burnett and another righthanded free agent starting pitcher the Yankees signed to a long-term deal a while back, Mike Mussina.

Mussina was signed to a 6 year/$88.5mm deal.
Burnett is signing a 5 year/$82.5mm deal.

The Yankees had seen Mussina consistently as an opponent in their division for 9 years.
The Yankees have seen Burnett consistently as an opponent in their division for 3 years.

Mussina was coming off a 210 strikeout year, 38 more than he had thrown the previous year.
Burnett is coming off a 231 strikeout year, 55 more than he threw in 07.

Mussina had thrown at least 200 innings each of the past 6 years.
Burnett has only thrown 200 innings 3 times in his 10 year career. Never in back to back years.

Mussina was coming off a season where he had thrown 6 complete games.
Burnett has thrown a total of 5 complete games over the past 3 years.

Mussina had a KK/B rate of 4.57 the year before he was signed.
Burnett's K/BB rate in 08 was 2.69.

Mussina's WHIP for the 3 years before he signed were 1.11, 1.27, 1.19.
Burnett's WHIP for 06,07, 08 were 1.30, 1.19, 1.34

By the stats it would seem like Mussina was a smarter investment than Burnett is.

Moose's 6 year contract held these ERA's

2001 3.15
2002 4.05
2003 3.40
2004 4.59
2005 4.41
2006 3.51

Moose did a great job for the Yanks. He seemed like a safe investment, and he was.
Burnett however doesn't seem as safe. What are the odds of him posting Moose like numbers?
Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.

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