I have been reading many blogs and articles about the Cameron for Cabrera deal, and most of the comments that I have seen have been along the lines of "WHOS GETTING YOUNGER HAHAAHAH THE YANKES ARENT".  
What people don't seem to realize, is that Cameron would just be a one year stopgap. As much as I love Melky, he isn't going to have a job in a year anyway with the (hopeful) emergence of Austin Jackson, the Yankees highly touted CF of the future. The Yankees are getting younger, not for next year but the year after, as the 36 year old Cameron leaves, the 25 year old Cabrera would have been out of a job anyway because the 21 year old Jackson is on his way. Cameron is a great fielder, and a very capable hitter. I don't see anything wrong with him playing for a year and letting AJax take the reins...

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