Tex and Manny?

The Post's George A. King III says the Yanks will pursue Mark Teixiera, and Manny Ramirez if they can't get Tex. I'm not a big fan of pursuing either of these two. I think Manny Ramirez is a terrible clubhouse guy. He and Joe Girardi would probably have a couple of problems if they were in the same clubhouse. I've talked and linked to articles about why he's a bad choice here and here. Teixiera wants a long term contract with an annual salary of at least $20mm. And when I say long term, I mean long term. He is said to want an 8 year deal and the Angels and Nationals have supposedly already offered him contracts of that length. With the money and years we have already committed this offseason I would rather not see a Tex signing. He's a phenomenal player, but I would rather see a short term, cheaper deal for Adam Dunn. King notes that the Yanks could shop Xavier Nady to clear money in pursuit of Tex or Manny.

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