Contract Stuff

Espn has the information on CC and AJ's contracts.

CC will get a $9.5mm signing bonus. Paid in installments on Dec. 31, Mar. 1, and July 31.

CC's salary in 09 will only be $14mm. Could the Yanks be trying to clear payroll in order to fit in another bat? Perhaps, with the lower salary they could sign Manny or Dunn, and then when CC's salary goes up in 2010 they will have Damon ($13mm), Matsui ($13mm), and Nady(most likely $5mm) coming off the books and payroll would stay around the same. (-$31mm + $8mm = -$23mm) That is definitely enough cash to pay Manny, Dunn, or possibly even Teixeira.

CC also gets a suite on road trips, a no-trade clause, and the opt-out clause after his 3rd season.

AJ will get $16.5mm a year and also has a no-trade clause.

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