We Signed Pavano....I mean Burnett

Jerry Crasnick says the Yanks and AJ Burnett have agreed to a 5 year $82.5mm contract. Personally, I'm not stoked about this signing. We've seen the numbers and we all know that Ben Sheets is such a better option, but let's hope that Burnett lives up to all of the hype and high expectations that baseball people have for him. The good news about Burnett is that he has experience in the AL East and knows the hitters in the division. However, that also means that the hitters know him. This deal will most likely bite us in the butt in the long term, but for 2009 a rotation built around Sabathia, Burnett, Wang, and Joba seems pretty dominant.
Now we turn out attention to Andy Pettitte and Ben Sheets as we look for the final member of our rotation. If Pettitte is going to complain about money, especially after the Yankees had his back despite his PED situation last year, then let him go. He's not worth $16mm and he knows it. We offered him a contract because he's been an important part of the organization and a fan favorite for a while. But, if he won't be reasonable then we shouldn't sign him. Both Sheets and Hughes can put up better stats than him anyways.

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