Is The Teixeira Saga Almost Over?

A source told Thom Loverro at the Washington Times, that there should be an announcement about Mark Teixeira's future today.That could mean he picked a team. Or...it might mean he's simply eliminated one. I mean with as vague a statement as that it means he might have signed a marketing deal. I think it's going to be the announcement of a signing with the Washington Nationals, but that's just a guess. Buster Olney and Peter Gammons say the Nats and Red Sox are the frontrunners, while there might be a chance that the Yankees swoop in (like with Johnny Damon) so they don't make a mistake they'll regret (like with Carlos Beltran). He also mentions the possibility that Tex makes them an offer they have to take. I'm not exactly sure why Tex would give the Yanks a discount, but maybe he just really wants to play for a winner. But, Boston is supposedly a winner too. Well, maybe Tex just wants to play at the new Cathedral with the ridiculously nice locker rooms. We shall see what happens.

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