Payroll: Just thinking for 09

Payroll has been a concern this offseason as Cashman was said to want a lower payroll this year than last. Let's look at the 2009 payroll. We're not going to worry about 2010 or any future seasons here, just 2009. I got the contract info from Cot's. We'll do just salary first.

C Jorge Posada $13.1mm
1B Nick Swisher $5.3mm
2B Robinson Cano $6mm
3B Alex Rodriguez $32mm
SS Derek Jeter $20mm
LF Johnny Damon $13mm
CF Melky Cabrera $0.5mm
RF Xavier Nady $5mm (That's an estimate. Nady is arbitration eligible.)
DH Hideki Matsui $13mm

Backup C Jose Molina $1mm
Backup 1B Juan Miranda $0.4mm
Backup IF Cody Ransom $0.5mm

SP1 CC Sabathia $14mm
SP2 AJ Burnett $16.5mm
SP3 Chien Ming Wang $5mm (That's an estimate. Wang is arbitration eligible.)
SP4 Phil Hughes $0.5mm
SP5 Joba Chamberlain $0.4mm
CL Mariano Rivera $15mm
SU Damaso Marte $3.75mm
SU Brian Bruney $2mm (That's an estimate. Bruney is arbitration eligible.)
MRP Jonathan Albadejo $0.4mm
LRP Dan Giese $0.5mm

Minor Leaguers

Shelley Duncan $0.4mm
Ian Kennedy $0.4mm
Andrew Brackman $1-2mm
Kei Igawa $4mm

Other Players didn't have financial numbers available at Cot's.

So that adds up to....about $174mm committed for 2009.

However, the Yanks must also pay signing bonus installments for Rodriguez ($1mm), and Sabathia ($27mm, paid in $3mm (this post originally said $9mm, but a reader, Andrew, alerted us in the comments that it is in fact $3mm) installments on New Year's Eve, March 1st, and July 31st). That's another $10mm. So the Yanks will be playing their current players $184mm in 2009 ( and 12/31/08 when CC gets $3mm).

The Yankee payroll in 2008 was about $209mm.

The Yanks wanted to cut payroll down to around the $180mm mark. However, if they decide to go all the way to last year's payroll, then they have $25mm to play with. The Yanks could sign Andy Pettitte ($10mm), Manny Ramirez ($20-25mm), Adam Dunn ($13-18mm) or Mark Teixeira ($18-25mm). The Yanks also could end up with Mike Cameron's $10mm salary if they end up trading for him.

Obviously payroll is important. And long term thinking is important as well. Yet, I really want to see the Yanks win the World Series in their first year at the new Cathedral. I would love to watch a powerhouse lineup head straight to a World Series victory, but I also don't want to have to deal with the repercussions that we will have for signing players long term. Cashman needs to balance a win-now strategy with a planning for the future strategy. The GM's who can do that are the ones who are very successful. We'll see what he comes up with this winter.


Andrew said...

Sabathia's signing bonus is $9 million, paid out over three installments. Not $9 times three.

So shave $18 million off your estimate.

yankeewanabe7 said...

with the revune of yes and the new ballpark. will allow salry base of say 220m and without counting bonas money would allow manny & tex

Kevin S. said...

Andrew, My bad. I misread the reports. You're right $9mm in three $3mm installments. Thanks for letting us know.