Dunn and Teixeira

Both Conor and I have said we would be in favor of an Adam Dunn signing. He's going to get less years than Teixiera, and he'll cost less too. Let's compare the two.

Dunn is just over 5 months older than Teixeira.

Dunn has played both 1B and the outfield for extended periods of time. Tex has been a career 1st baseman, but played 7 games in the outfield in 2004. However, Teixeira has provided gold glove defense, and Dunn...well not so much.

Dunn has more power than Teixeira. He hit 40 homers on the dot every year since 05. And in 04 he hit 46. Teixeira hit 33 home runs this year, 30 in 07, 33 in 06, 43 in 05, and 38 in 04. Basically, he hasn't showed the consistent power that Dunn has.

Dunn has much better patience than Teixiera.


Dunn Tex
08 122/517 97/574
07 101/522 72/494
06 112/561 89/628
05 114/543 72/644
04 108/568 68/545

Some would say that the huge difference in batting average of the two makes this irrelevant. However, as a player gets older their swing speed will typically decrease. However, patience doesn't because it is much more of a mental aspect of the game than a physical one. Thus I value a hitter's ability to draw a walk very highly, especially if they are past their prime.

Obviously, both Teixeira and Dunn are talented ballplayers. However Dunn from ages 29-31 is a better investment than Teixeira from ages 29-36. What do you think? Let's hear it in the comments.


TK said...

Dunn's got the slightly higher OBP, lower average, gets 50 more strikeouts or so per season, but also gets 40 or so more walks per season. It really just depends on if you want to deal with his defense.

Anonymous said...

His OBP, walks, and power outweigh his defense in my opinion. His signing would most likely prelude a trade of another player(Swisher, Nady, Matsui, or Damon). Or Damon would just shift over to center and Dunn would man left. That would give us a really weak defensive outfield since Dunn can't field, and Damon can't throw. However, in 2010 Matsui, Damon, and Nady are gone. Dunn moves to DH. Austin Jackson and his great fielding take over in center. The Yanks would sign someone who can hold their own and compete offensively to play left. Maybe Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. And for RF we might see Melky or Gardner(depending on how 09 goes). Or they might make a trade depending on who's available. An outfield of Holliday, Ajax, and Melky would be pretty good defensively, and with Dunn at DH his defense wouldn't be a problem, but the fact that he can play left and first could come in handy if someone is injured.