Salary Cap?

Mark Attanasio, the Brewer's owner, reacted to the Texeira signing by saying that baseball needs a salary cap. I think he's just upset over losing out on CC. He wasn't complaining when the Yankees' payroll was $20mm higher and they were paying Jason Giambi, Andy Pettitte, and Carl Pavano much more money than they were all worth. Mark, I root for the Brewers and always hope to see them take down the Cubs, but a salary cap is not necessary. The Yanks high payroll ends up in their luxury taxes being spread to other teams. It's their decision how they spend their money. Money isn't the main factor in creating a successful team. Look at the Mariners and Tigers. Spending lots of money doesn't make a good team. Spending money smartly makes a good team. I don't support a salary cap in the slightest. If an owner wants to spend his money so that he can get a World Series ring, then he should be allowed to by all means.

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