Got Injuries?

So I don't mean to be a downer, but do you all realize how injury prone our team will be next year?

Posada's coming off an injury and is in his late 30's. Having him behind the plate all year could lead to another injury.

Hideki Matsui's knees are so bad that he can't consistently play the OF anymore.

Johnny Damon is very aggressive in the outfield and isn't afraid to run into a wall or dive. This is a great quality, but as he's getting older it means he can get injured more easily while putting his body at risk like this.

Joba Chamberlain already has an injury history, and his innings will need to be limited.

CC Sabathia has pitched 500 innings over 2 years. So his arm might face some problems at some point next year.

If we sign AJ Burnett...well....he's a walking injury.

Phil Hughes has been injured multiple times as well.

Chien Ming Wang is coming off a season ending foot injury.

So, we have a lot of guys with injury histories or possibilities. Let's hope the trainers do a really good job next year. I assume they'll have a lot more free time now that 4 year DL resident Carl Pavano is gone.

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