The Tex Saga Continues

The Angels have withdrawn their offer for Teixeira. Wow. That means they are out of it, and Boston hasn't spoken to Boras since Thursday. I guess that leaves the Nats and Orioles as the main suitors, but wait. Buster Olney heard that the Nationals do not expect to win the Teixeira bidding. The publically known offers had Baltimore's as the smallest. So what does this all mean? It means Teixeira will be a Yankee, Red Sock, Oriole, or National. I truly think Anaheim is out of it, but we also all thought Boston was out of it after John Henry's statement. Now, I still say Washington is mst likely to get Tex, followed by Baltimore, then Boston, and then the Yanks.


Anonymous said...

good god kev...you clearly know very little about baseball..have me as a writer, ill bring some humor into it all...haha btw i beat your ass in MLB 08 thing bitch

Anonymous said...

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