News From Around the League

Couple of general baseball news pieces I picked up today from MLBTR, ESPN, and FOXSPORTS.

Rafael Furcal will sign with the Dodgers.

Japanese 35 year old lefthander Mitsui Koji will be posted.

Rocco Baldelli's disease was rediagnosed as something much more curable.

Paul Lukas investigates the number of pinstripes that will be on CC's jersey.

Ryne Sandberg will manage the Cubs' double A team. I was at spring training in Arizona this year, and after failing to get tickets to the real game we went and watched a bunch of minor leaguers playing. I saw Sandberg was in the dugout as a spring training instructor, and I went up to him and got his autograph for a friend of mine. He was a really nice guy. So good for him to get this gig and stay in the game.

Ken Rosenthal thinks the Yanks should sign Tex.

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