The Teixeira Saga

MLBTR links to articles by Jon Heyman, Peter Gammons, Buster Olney, Nick Cafardo, and others saying that Boston isn't done with Tex. Apparently they are just staying at their current offer, which has been said to be between $165mm and $184mm. $19mm is a pretty big difference, so what the offer really is would be important in evaluating the situation. However, I though John Henry's comments were pretty clear. They aren't going to be a factor for Tex. I think that means that Agent Scott Boras has gotten an offer significantly higher than Boston's from at least one of Baltimore, Washington, and LAA. Cashman said that the Yanks didn't outbid Boston, and that same article from the Post reaffirms the general consensus that the Yanks haven't made an offer for Teixeira. We should just hope that Tex goes to Washington, where we won't have to worry about facing him.

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