Who's next

Hopefully, as the Yankees have already handed out a risky contract to CC( not saying I don't like it, just that it definitely comes with some degree of risk) they won't hand out any more long term deals to starting pitchers this offseason. Yes, that means no Derek Lowe and no AJ Burnett. The best move for the Yankees would be to sign Ben Sheets(who is without a doubt the best pitcher remaining on the market) to a 2 or 3 year deal. They should then get Pettitte to sign a 1 year deal, but sign him for what he's worth($10-12mm) not what he's asking for($16mm) That would give us a rotation of Sabathia, Sheets, Wang, Pettitte, and Joba. Then the Yanks will still have Hughes, Aceves, and Kennedy ready to take over in case of injury and to make spot starts to help limit Joba's innings. The Yanks can then look to upgrade their offense via trade(Delmon Young, Matt Kemp, Rick Ankiel, Ryan Spilborghs) or via free agency(Orlando Hudson, Adam Dunn). Once they have a set rotation and lineup they can work on signing a utility guy (Nick Punto, Ramon Vasquez, Jerry Hairston Jr.) and then work on acquiring some veteran insurance pitching (Bartolo Colon, Victor Zambrano, Eric Milton, Mark Prior) and then clearing out some unneccesary payroll, which will be determined by who they sign or trade for to upgrade the offense.

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