Manny Ramirez

So apparently Hank wants the Yankees to sign Manny Ramirez. It's no secret that I am not a Manny fan. He is a phenomenal hitter, but I don't think I could actually root for him. He isn't the kind of guy I want in the Yankee clubhouse. Let's look at why...

He's old: Born on May 30, 1972. Manny is 36 years old, and will be 37 two months into next season.
He's a jerk: He sat himself out with a fake injury. He's a complainer. And he pushed a 64 year old traveling secretary to the ground. He is a terrible person. It's that simple. Why would we want him?
He can't field: Did you see him slip and fall and lie on the ball during an early season game against Anaheim? Or how about a couple years back when he cut off a throw from center field which was on a perfect line at good speed to get the runner, which allowed the runner an extra base? Or how about the time he went into the green monster to urinate?
He's slow:For his career he has 37 stolen bases, and has been caught 31 times. And he's been playing since 1993? That's sixteen seasons. That's just over two stolen bases a year. And almost two times caught stealing a year.
He doesn't like the media: Manny referred to the "fish bowl" he was in when playing in Boston. He didn't like that the media was always constantly covering him. He thought it was in Boston? wait till he sees what its like in New York.

And Manny fits into that corner OF/DH mold, where we don't desperately need another player. But, if we were to sign someone like that there are so many better, younger, friendlier, cheaper investments. I'd much rather see Raul Ibanez, Pat Burrell, Adam Dunn, or even a Bobby Abreu return than Manny. Stats are important, but they aren't everything. Remember, we're not signing stats, we're signing people.

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