The Manny Situation

With the Dodgers' signing of Rafael Furcal, they may not be less inclined to offer a big contract to Manny. Maybe they still want him to create a phenonenal offense, but most likely they'll turn their attention to the starting pitching market or they might pursue a closer with the departure of Takashi Saito.
With Boston being deemed the front-runner for Mark Teixeira, expect the Angels to start meeting with Manny. If Tex signs with Boston then the Angels will likely make a big offer for Manny.
Via MLBTR we learned that the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo claimed the NY Daily News claimed that the Yanks made a 3 year $66mm offer to Manny. However, I haven't heard that report from the Daily News.
We'll wait to see if any other teams jump into the Manny mix. Right now it's just The LA teams and the Yanks. I still think Toronto would be a good fit. He'd bring in fans. There would be less media attention. The only other big time star is Roy Halladay( Vernon Wells is not a star, no matter what his contract is). It could be all Manny all the time. We all know that Manny would love to play the Red Sox and beat them consistently throughout the season. Toronto needs a big bat, and Manny would be a good fit. His contract demands will be more than Toronto probably wants to spend, but it's possible that he could bring in enough revenue to make up for what is spent on him.

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