Good News

So most Yankee fans might not like this news, but I think it's great for the Yankees.

Apparently they are out of the running for Mark Teixiera. That means $20mm+ of payroll room saved for each of the next 6-10 years. Hopefully, Tex will go to the Nationals and we won't have to face him consistently next year. If he goes to the Angels, well I was scared of them before Teixiera was traded to them, and I was more scared of them when they had him. They will be a strong force in baseball behind their phenomenal rotation, and with a bat like that I would put them on level ground with the Rays and Cubs as the best team in baseball. That hurts, to know that we are the underdogs behind Tampa. If Tex goes to Boston, then they will have the best infield in baseball. With Teixiera, MVP Pedroia, the promising young Lowrie, and MVP contender Youkilis, as much as I hate them, I would say that is hands down the best infield in baseball. So, let's just hope that Tex signs with Washington.

Talks between AJ Burnett and the Braves are progressing, but apparently the Yankees are still a factor. I really want Burnett to not be a Yankee, but we shall see what happens. If he goes to the NL, it would be great for the Yanks as he can dominate them consistently. If the Yanks don't have to face him their records against the Jays will certainly improve.

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