Teixeira Not Going To Boston

Found this link on MLBTR. Red Sox Owner John Henry said "After hearing about (Teixeira's) other offers...it seems clear that (Boston) is not going to be a factor." That means the supposed favorites are out of the running for the most sought after available player. That means Teixeira's suitors are down to the Angels, Nationals, Orioles, and Yankees. I would say the Nationals are now the front runners. Followed by the Angels, then Orioles, then Yankees. I put the Nats in front because they are convinced that his signing will bring in fans, and gain them attention from the media. Their offer will most likely hit $200mm. The Angels supposedly made an offer in excess of $160mm. The Orioles are supposedly flexible with their offer, but I think they'll end up making the decision that they should invest in pitching rather than offense. Thanks to Tim at MLBTR for gathering all the Tex links together.

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