Joel Sherman's Take on the Teixeira Signing

Joel Sherman claims the Tex signing was basically a result of the Yanks missing out on Carlos Beltran back when he hit free agency. The Yanks then had to get Johnny Damon the next off-season, who has ended up not being able to play center full time. Beltran most certainly would have been a better signing. Sherman says the Yanks saw a similar situation with Tex. He figures that if the Yanks skipped on Tex then they would sign Matt Holliday next year, who would command lots of money as well, but doesn't bring the gold glove defense and switch hitting ability. It's an interesting read. He also notes that the Yanks prefer to keep Damon, and would like to get rid of Matsui the most. He says that the Angels and A's might want Matsui. He also mentioned the Rangers, but I don't think the team with the top offense in baseball in 08 wants to add an aging DH with bad knees. He says the Braves like Nady and even more so, Swisher. And like I suggested, he thinks the Yanks should look to get utility guys in return like Martin Prado and Chone Figgins. I'm not sure if Figgins is necessarily available, or that the Angels would want to add another outfielder to the miz when they already have Vlad Guerrerro, Torii Hunter, Gary Matthews Jr, Reggie Willits, and Juan Rivera. He also says the Yanks might want prospects to make up for the 3 draft picks they lose because of the signings of Teixeira, Sabathia, and Burnett.

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