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I was reading Peter Gammons' blog on ESPN.com, and found an interesting note.

Cashman backed off the Mike Cameron deal because Melky Cabrera has improved his plate discipline in winter ball, and there are voices in the organization who still believe Brett Gardner is going to be a useful major league player. No one will argue his energy and intensity, but watch him take batting practice, and you'll find out he's a lot stronger than he looks. Granted, he has to take it into games, but there is something on which to place hope.

Melky is showing discipline? That is awesome. If the Melkman can draw walks and boost his OBP, not to mention his average because he will have better selection when it comes to what pitches to swing at, he will bounce back to tolerable statistics, and his trade value will increase as well.

I'm a Brett Gardner fan. Gammons is right that no one can say he isn't energetic and intense. Gardner is a serious threat on the basepaths. I bet he leads the team in steals next year. Ok that isn't really bold, because we don't really have anyone else super fast, but basically my point is that he is fast. I like hearing that his batting practice shows he is stronger than he looks. Could Brett Gardner hit home runs in the bigs? He isn't expected to have power at all, but if he does, that would be a great addition to his set of skills.

This good news on the young Yankee center fielders might mean the Yankees will be more reluctant to trade for a center fielder.

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