Peavy-Cubs Deal Dead

Ken Rosenthal says that Padres GM Kevin Towers told the media that the Peavy-Cubs blockbuster is dead. The Cubs thought that they were asking for too much in terms of players and cash. Towers admits that they were asking for a lot. But, it's Jake Peavy. He deserves a lot. One has to hope that the Yankees might delay their pursuit of Burnett so they can consider Peavy. Then Burnett will go to Atlanta! And then we don't have to get Peavy. (I'm not big on giving up Hughes, Kennedy, Melancon, Jackson, or Gardner). But we could go after Ben Sheets and/or Andy Pettitte. I'm not opposed to a Peavy trade, as long as we don't give up the aforementioned players or Joba.

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