Adam Dunn?

Adam Dunn, despite the fact that he isn't getting much attention on the free agent market, could be a very interesting player to think about. Dunn has been very consistent with his power numbers over the last few years. He has hit 40 Hrs for the last 4 years in a row. Despite his low average, he is a carrer .381 OBP and .518 SLG. He can play first base but has played mostly in the outfield. Now my question is this. Would it be smart for Cashman to think about signing Dunn? Dunn/Matsui could play left (while the other DHs), while Damon plays center (comes out in late innings for defense), and Nady in right. He would add a whole new dimension to the lineup, and would be an offensive beast with that short porch. Most importantly, he wouldn't cost us a pick because the D'Backs didn't offer him arbitration. I think he could potentially be a smart signing.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Adam Dunn, considering how the Yankees released Giambi, we need another guy that can hit the hrs, and hes an upgrade of Giambi. Look at it this way, Giambi hit about 30 hrs a year when he was healthy, this guy hits more hrs, more rbis, and only a little less OBP so I don't see why the Yankees shouldn't get him.

JobaTheHeat said...

Sign me up for Dunn. He will help fill in of and dh next year=no Matsui. Doesnt cost a draft pick.Tex will be redsox or angel next year and i dont want Manny. At least your site finaly put some truth to what manny would mean in pinstripes. I am all for Dunn and probaly 12 mil a year 3-4year deal.Posada will be our 1st baseman 2010 and hopefully we can get Holliday for of ,but deff sign me up for Dunn.