Say It Ain't So CC

So one report says that Sabathia may have turned down the Yankees offer. In response, I have to say I don't believe that at all. There are so many rumors about the Giants being in on CC. I don't see any reason why the Giants should be in on Sabathia. Let's look at some facts...

Best Home Run Hitter on the Giants: Bengie Molina with 16.

$126mm/7 years: The famed deal the Giants gave to lefty Bary Zito.

2.62, 3.76: The ERA's of the Giants' top starters Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain.

$140mm/6 years: The contract the Yankees have tendered to CC Sabathia

3 months: The approximate amount of time that a player must be in the city of his home team each year.

So let's do some math here. The Giants have minimal needs for a starter, are paying their last long-term free agent bust, have a terrible offense, and most counter the largest offer to a starting pitcher in history. O, and location doesn't play as significant a role in signing as is oft-rumored.

And that adds up to....CC being a Giant? Umm no. Baseball people are smart enough to not give themselves a chance to repeat a huge mistake only two years after the first one. They are also smart enough to know what their priorities should be. And CC is smart enough to know that $140mm is a lot of money. Then again, Brian Sabean is not exactly a brilliant GM...but we shall see if he is bad enough to spend his owner's money on a starting pitcher, which should most certainly not be a priority for them.

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