The Ultimate Team

If you were a GM and you could pick the players(including their contracts) that would make up your starting lineup and rotation, as well as a closer who would you pick? Here is my dream team, post your own in the comments.

C: Brian McCann
1B: Adrian Gonzlaez
2B: Ian Kinsler
3B: Evan Longoria
SS: Troy Tulowitzki
LF: Ryan Braun
CF: Grady Sizemore
RF: Matt Kemp

SP: Tim Lincecum
SP: Joba Chamberlain
SP: Matt Cain
SP: Chad Billingsley
SP: Edinson Volquez

CL: Joakim Soria


J STEBS 25 said...

C-Geovany Soto
1b-Lance Berkman
SS-Ryan Theriot
Lf-Carlos Beltran
Rf-Josh Hamilton

Sp-Cliff Lee (he proved he was no fluke)
sp-Jon Lester
sp-Cole Hamels


Alright, I know it says and their contracts so picks like Beltran and Berkman may not be so hot. but considering bang for your buck as opposed to just...buck, they're both so worth it. Tulo=injury prone so i replaced him with theriot who is dangerously consistent; same with soto who performed so well as a rookie to boot. also if this is a who do you wanna base ur new franchise around, i dont look at guys like matt kemp, and although Braun is extremely appealing, Josh Hamilton is a born leader and his story makes him a guy people will wanna play with. For pitching, the top 4 are pretty self explanatory. Cain is young and ok but never developed like he should have. Hamels is good, plain and simple. Closer: if a guy can save 40+ for the royals?...imagine.

Kevin S. said...

so I actually thought about Hamilton, but he's 27, a little bit older than Kemp, but both are valid choices. like you said, Beltran and berkman are both expensive. and if you are going to go expensive I'd take Pujols and Holliday over those two. Theriot is overrated. I'd rather have Hanley Ramirez or Tulo. Tulo had one injury plagued season, that doesn't exactly give him the "injury prone" tag. He is a real leader, even more so than Hamilton. Tulo is kind of a mini Jeter. At 22 he led the Rockies to a pennant. And he's a lot younger than Theriot, not to mention he is a better defender and has more power. I can see Soto being more valuable than McCann, but they're both pretty darn good. Lee had a great season this year, but I'd rather have Cain, or Joba, or Hughes, or Billingsley, or David Price, or Scott Kazmir.Dempster is overpayed, and one good season as a starter doesn't put him above any of the aforementioned players. Hamels is a good choice and so is Lester, but Lester's a Red Sock, so I kind of hate him. But that's just a little Bias, he is a great pitcher.