Blockbuster ideas?

Here are just some thoughts on the trade market...

The Cubs need left handed right fielder with some power, and are willing to sacrifice defense according to MLBTR. They want a middle of the order bat. When you think about it, they have three middle of the order bats with Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, and Alfonso Soriano. They've used Soriano at the top of the order, where he is not fit to play. He would be a great cleanup guy as he hit 29 homers in just 109 games this year. So maybe what they really need is a leadoff guy with moderate power so that they could make Soriano into their middle of the order guy. So they need a left handed leadoff guy, and defense isn't their biggest concern. Maybe they'd be interested in Johnny Damon. Damon has typically played in center or left, but if defense isn't too big of a deal to them they could put him in right. Damon has no arm, which is why I would see him in LF and then move Soriano to right. Or maybe he could play center for them. He's not a perfect fit, but maybe they'd be interested. In return maybe the Yanks would ask for Sean Marshall or Rich Hill. Hill isn't the same pitcher he was in 07, but maybe we could take a gamble and see if he can return to that form. Maybe they'd be willing to offer someone else like Felix Pie, or maybe even Derrek Lee. Dealing Damon would certainly leave a hole in the offense, but in the right deal maybe it would be a good move. It would also clear up that outfield logjam, and then perhaps we could take a look at Adam Dunn. Who knows if the Cubs would even be interested or if we could find a strong match. Just a thought. Other teams that might match up for Damon would be the Braves and the Athletics.

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