Despite Ken's Rosenthal's report the Yanks have not been talking to the Dodgers about Cano. But, that doesn't mean they won't...

The Yanks met twice with CC Sabathia, both Times at his request. He doesn't no want to play for NY, he just wants to be sure of all his options.

Yankees also met with Ben Sheets today. And are supposedly offering AJ Burnett a 4 year, 64mm contract.

Kevin Towers said that Peavy will either be traded to the Cubs or remain a Padre. Just a thought, but if Peavy approved some more teams would Towers explore other options?

The Yanks supposedly have interest in Nick Punto as a utility guy. Punto had a .344 OBP this year, and slugged .382. He also stole 15 bases in 21 attempts. I wouldn't mind him as our backup one bit.

Free agent Chad Cordero has talked to a few teams, including the Mets, Cards, Rangers, Tigers and Dbacks. One has to wonder, with the mass amounts of available closing pitching available from Kerry Wood, Trevor Hoffman, K-Rod, Fuentes, Brandon Lyone and Huston Street all the way to Everyday Eddie Guardado, Jason Isringhausen, and former Yankee Great El Duque Hernandez(who's planning a come back as a closer) maybe Cordero would accept a one year as a set-up man, to prove his value. The Yanks don't neccesarrily need more bullpen help, but signing him, and then trading him at midseason coud be worthwhile (see Eric Gagne).

Also, the Dye-Bailey trade was shot down by Walt Jocketty. The Yankees should look at a Nady-Bailey swap.

That's all for now, be back later with more

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