The Pettitte Situation

Andy wasn't offered arbitration, in an attempt to save payroll space. But that's old news. The Yankees are currently addressing their starting pitching needs via the free agent market, specifically targeting Ben Sheets, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Derek Lowe. Of those 4 I only like Sheets and CC. Just hearing that Burnett talked to Pavano about New York reminds me that he's going to be injured for a majority of the next 5 years and is ridiculously overrated. He didn't talk to anyone that experienced success with the Yankees, only with our most well known free agent failure. So I think he might be worried about what it would be like to fail in New York, and fear reveals weakness. Thus, we shouldn't sign him.... anyways back to Pettitte, if the Yanks sign two of those guys they will have four rotation certainities(the other two being Joba and Chien-Ming) . So they should bring back Pettitte at $12mm to fill out the rotation. Cashman simply needs to explain that the reason Andy's pay is being reduced isn't that he isn't wanted or that the Yanks don't value his work, but that those $4mm dollars can go a long way(even for the Yankees) they can be used to even out contracts in a trade, sign a utility man, or buy insurance for the rotation(Prior, Colon, etc.). Andy's all about getting that next ring, and emphasizing the need for that cash to maximize the chances of a World Series victory may be important in signing him. Personally, I really hope we don't cast Andy away in the same poor manner as we did with Bernie and Torre. There are so many ways to defend only giving him $12mm. But, the main part is to not say we were disspaointed with him, we weren't, but as this is a business the market should dictate his value, and that is closer to 12mm than 16mm.

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