Talking Trades

So this here is all pure speculation, but its fun to think about.

The Yankees have their first baseman, it's Nick Swisher, but he can play left and right too. Perhaps the Yankees should be creative and move him to the outfield and trade one of their guys who is signed only through next year (Damon, Matsui, Nady). Damon would like to play center field somewhere, and I could see him doing so on the south side of Chicago(I mean they did play Griffey in center this year), in Atlanta, or in Oakland. He's such a great player, and he's a great Yankee, but if he could bring back young controllable players, especially pitching, it would be great.

So, some players I could see coming to the Bronx(or would hope to see come to the Bronx)

Adam LaRoche: 25 Hr, .341 OBP, and .500 slugging. He's a free agent after the season, but an extension could be reasonable.

Delmon Young: I keep hearing about how we don't have a center fielder. Um, hello? The former top prospect only had an OBP of .336, and slugged .405, but if Terrence Long is teaching Robby Cano to be patient, I bet he could do the same with Delmon. Patience means more walks, and a higher percentage of hittable pitches swung at, meaning bette avg and power.

Just some food for thought. Let's hear your opinions in the comments.

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