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So I've been browsing MLBTR and saw a few links that Yankee fans might be interested in.

Apparently the Peavy to the Cubs deal isn't looking so good right now. On Friday, I said in this post that I didn't expect a Cubs-Peavy trade to work out. If the Cubs can't make a deal, we could be the best suitor, especially if the Braves sign AJ Burnett. The Braves would have less of a need for Peavy and the Yanks would be more desperate for starting pitching with Burnett off the market.

The Texas Rangers could shop Gerald Laird, Hank Blalock, Vicente Padilla, and Kevin Millwood in an attempt to free up payroll. It's interesting that the Rangers would shop their only two veterans in the rotation, but one would assume they hope to secure young pitching that will help them in years to come, as Millwood and Padilla are in contract years. The Yanks could be interested in Millwood and Padilla. Obviously, they would be last resorts. Personally, I see them as more expensive versions of Sidney Ponson and Darrell Rasner. If I were Cashman I wouldn't make an offer for them, there are too many better options.

Raul Ibanez will decline arbitration, and surprisingly the Yankees are said to be interested. I assume they think he could possibly play centerfield, or if Damon moved back to center, then Ibanez would man left. Ibanez is a strong player, with a great work ethic, but he's getting older and our priority should be getting younger. Also, as a type A who was offered arbitration he would cost us a draft pick. So, I'm not a huge proponent of signing Ibanez, especially since he should ask for 3 or 4 years, which is too long of a deal for a player of his age.

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